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What if your next vacation booking isn’t based on given dates, locations and hotel requirements? Imagine a brand new experience that understands your needs without asking, and plans your holiday based on the stuff you like. This is how we tackled the pursuit of the perfect holiday.

The travel industry has great lengths to go. While interesting start-ups, and the blooming sharing economy indicate a paradigm shift, traditional travel sites and apps are still figuring out what to do. We were tasked with creating a digital vision for a sub-brand of the world’s number one integrated tourism corporation, the Tui Group.

Historically, booking modules rely heavily on manual input of raw data. They consider destination, dates, flights, hotels, room types and amenities to be your top priority, consequently forcing you to make hundreds of choices before booking.

Should the amount of choices not be enough clutter, you can always read hundreds of customer reviews. Quite naturally, decision fatigue hits many travellers-to-be. We’re sure you’ve experienced this many times yourself.

Strategically, we wanted to revolutionize the industry by making people buy experiences and limiting choice. In true multi-device spirit, we created an aspirational platform for all sorts of screens where travelers were encouraged to share their holiday events.

We decided on a concept called “journals” which was our way to let travelers share their favorite holiday activities as they happened. Journals were broken into events, from crazy water slides to fine dining, from gift shopping the ancient town of Izmir to balloon riding the magnificent Turkish mountains.

On the website, in the travel app, and on Facebook and Instagram, travelers would post their vacation fun and be captivated by stories from other voyagers.

These journals are a collection of unforgetable experiences; the memories you bring back home and long for until next time. The cool thing was that we put the journals on the center stage—in stunning design grids—making them shopable for everyone. That’s right, the new way of traveling is by booking cool sub-events from someone else’s vacation journal. Because creating the ultimate holiday is so much easier and fun when you buy experiences rather than book the unknown using raw data as requirements.

Yours and others’ journals are always floating in social media, keeping everyone inspired all year round, making it feel like your next holiday is already happening. That’s how we blurred the holiday-life divide. Wanderlust, salute!


  • Tui


  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding
  • App Design
  • Concept Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Copywriting


  • Sup Studio
  • Predicting your travel needs

    1We could limit choice by understanding and predicting user needs and previous behavior. Such information is readily available in social graphs, browsing history, calendar events, earlier bookings, and credit card data.

  • 365 days of inspiration

    2With journals and social posts, we would feed people’s vacation desires with content, community, guidance, and destinations they love.

    By building a compelling path from research to purchase and beyond, we created a sensation of “already being there”.

  • Limiting choice. Maximizing outcome.

    3We knew that decisions overwhelm most people. So early on we decided on a few key drivers: simplicity, inspiration, better content, mobility, and loyalty.

  • Book like a pro. Travel inspired.

    4We also took care of those who prefer booking the traditional way. Facilitated search and navigation made it easy to narrow down results.

  • Journals to love, share and book

    We broke down all vacation desires to activity groups. The idea was to let shoppers pick the stuff they like. As they add activities, the system takes care of resort suggestions and all the boring stuff.

  • Share your holiday as you go

    Your events and photos will help inspire other travelers. At the end of your stay, your trip can be shared as a journal, available for others to book in its entirety or in parts.

  • Get rewarded

    Have a wonderful holiday and share it. Loyalty coins are given to those who share and engage with content. Redeem for exclusive resort events, discounts and upgrades.

Camera in hand, Ready to Remember

Social sharing was a natural part of the brand vision and fit well with an always connected demographic. Instagram played a huge role and created emotional incentives to convert.

The sensation of being understood

“Tell us what you love, and we’ll take you there.” Our promise caught that special understanding of knowing what to ask, and then delivering dreamy retreats immediately. And emotionally.

Empowered by data

We could limit choice by understanding and predicting user needs. Such information is readily available in social graphs, browsing history, calendar events, previous bookings, and payment data.