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for Peak Performance

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A fully responsive ecommerce site with exciting social integration and interesting stories that speak right to the customer. This is how we married branded content with intuitive shopping while keeping the experience engaging.

Peak Performance lives and breathes the great outdoors. It’s made for active people who can’t get enough of nature, for the ones who are always curiously searching for the next unexplored path. The unchartered run. The unclimbed peak. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

As one of many proud Swedish exports, Peak Performance is a premium retailer for skiers, runners, mountaineers, golfers and cyclists. It’s known as a stylish outdoor clothing brand, with superior quality that stands the test of time. Peak is highly regarded by the fashion industry, perhaps also thanks to its urban fashion lines that grow more popular for each passing season.

With its roots in skiing, and recent expansion to other sports, we wanted to tell a story of outdoor activism. With clean and crisp Nordic design in mind, the site we created had to encapsulate the sporty yet stylish spirit of the brand.

Creating the future of commerce also means shaping new ways of marketing. As customers expectations for personal experiences increase, we had to re-invent the shopping experience.


  • Peak Performance


  • Digital Strategy
  • Branding
  • Concept Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Copywriting


  • Implementation:
  • Platform: Demandware
  • Tools: Olapic, Amplience, Bootstrap
  • Maximizing product understanding

    1 If content was king, product must have been emperor. Customers convert when they get rich, entertaining product data. So we gave them lots of photos, helpful property graphs, great tonality, reviews, fitting guides, product video and endorsements.

  • We made it easy to find, share & create content

    2 A whole section dedicated to "Culture": a place where you get to experience the brand in-depth, say hello to athletes, submerse in content from various social media outlets. By leveraging Instagram feeds with brand-oriented hashtags, and product specific hashtags we connected the social world with the digital shopper across the site. So users sure did help keeping the experience alive.

  • Shop from beautiful lookbooks

    3 Each season has a theme that tells a story. So we created a smart system for interactive lookbooks. Featuring lifestyle photography, brand films and compelling messaging, users would get inspired and could shop directly from the lookbook.

  • Live and breath the brand culture

    4 Portraying the culture and way of life of Peak became central in the story-telling. With athlete commentary and endorsements, plus social feeds from Instagram, customers got right into the action.

"We created a bunch of branded styles to make the site feel unique to Peak Performance."

  • We splashed lifestyle content throughout the shopping experience to paint an adventurous and exciting picture of the client. With smart interaction elements like drawers, shopable heroes, infinite scroll and streamlined checkout, we made shopping intuitive and fun.

  • To create a sensation of outdoor fun, we brought sponsored athletes to the center stage. They would bring product endorsements and video reviews to the customers. Since each athlete has its own fan base, we could use them to attract people from social media channels.

  • Inspiration and education were key drivers. So we spread cultural content throughout the shopping flow. While browsing products, customers would also see snippets of brand stories, films, endorsements and newness blasts. By bringing snippets to category pages, users would get a better sense of the brand and gain higher appreciation of the offering.