This is Storyshopping. A trusted route to the top.

The future
is in the
hands of
The shopper

To excel as a shopping destination and becoming a market leader, the right way forward is by building character, connecting people and disrupting with remarkable stories. Do it right and customers will embrace you—and your culture—ultimately turning into loyal shoppers.

We are digital natives who have done a whole lot of digital advertising, content creation and branded shopping experiences for market leaders in the sports, outdoors, fashion, travel and lifestyle industries. When mixing it up, you’ll discover brand new ways of talking to shoppers. The mix makes up the alluring approach we’ve named Storyshopping.

Our job is to understand project potential and transform briefs into meaningful and ground-breaking solutions. We cross borders and push boundaries to stay innovative. That means that we piece together cool, game-changing fragments into an amazing whole.

“That yellow core is like the sun, wherefrom all of our digital capabilities orbit. Like planets… man.”

A voice that echoes in a connected world

The world is connected. And more so every day. To be successful tomorrow, brands need to step ahead of the curve and define a voice that resonates with digitally and socially connected consumers.

Brand beauty is the key to their hearts. We help companies create brand souls that people can relate to, be part of, like, and stand up for. Beyond crisp design and intuitive interactive experiences we help brands talk to shoppers in a whole new way.

We create brand strategies, identity work, visual systems, and guidelines—all while putting mobile, tablet, and web at the center stage.


Stories that people love

We tell stories. That engage. Push limits. Explain. Provoke. Inspire. In digital eco systems—across apps, store kiosks and the web—we help you get customers engaged and excited to shop.

From content strategy to product photography, film production, service design and social posts, we are there to build brand equity for you, and to make shoppers like you and your content.

Passion is a worn-out word but suitable to describe how we take on our craft with iconic design, clean ux, fresh tonality; and new ways of solving problems. We’ll make sure that your voice matters.


Building success amidst constant changes

With tons of large-scale ecom gigs in our back pocket, we guide the way forward for our clients. Ecommerce solutions are more than funneling costumers through perfectly built check-outs, picking automation/recommendation engines or reducing cart abandonment.

We specialize in story-driven ecommerce, with social integration ready for a new dawn where sharing is the new dollar and customer engagement is the new cent. Yes, we’re talking about the new currency, and where any sane retailer should put their marketing buck.

We are experts on branded shopping and behavior specialists in every aspect of the term. As such, we also minimize the amount of choices customers need to convert. As it happens, sales will soar.


Blurring analog and digital

While brand and retail agencies have done a tremendous effort creating awesome store atmospheres, the lack of seamless digital integration is prominent. It’s time to really tear down the barriers between the physical and digital.

New store experiences are waiting to be invented. Enhanced retail experiences go beyond in-store kiosks and store pickups/returns. The future holds facilitated shopping, virtual assistants, social connectedness, wearables for auto payments, connected devices for activation and retention, and proximity beacons for personalization and targeting.

There’s a lot to win from fitting digital into the physical world. Re-inventing retail means giving customers a natural and connected store experience. Time for a pilot project!

Product design

Elevate and connect

In just a few years, there will be more connected devices than people on earth. Forward-thinking products will have simple interfaces with to-the-point functionality. Not more and not less. Simplicity, speed, and social validation will be the defining factors that elevate a brand. We see more and more companies infusing the internet of things into their offering.

We help you paint a narrative around your product, so that it becomes compelling, desirable and used.

Who we are
and what we do

We are skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, runners and explorers struck by a healthy case of wanderlust, and a questionable doze of madness. We value adventurous lifestyles and work with like-minded clients. On the other side of the coin we are designers, story builders, thinkers and creatives who excel at marrying stories, brand and cross-channel shopping.

This is us