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When a brand takes a multi-channel approach within its own organization, meaning that e.g. marketing, loyalty and ecommerce work closely together, success follows. Our process helps you excel and push the limits of what’s possible.

With a decade of award-winning projects, you pick up a thing or two. So for each phase of our process, we’re uncovering a truth about how we’ve perfected it.

But is there a magic formula to agency-client collaboration? Our five-phased process is tailored for marketing/ecom projects. While similarities carry over from one project to another, our process is not cut in stone. It’s a framework intended to give direction, tools and support. The flexibility of our process helps us achieve magic.

Luckily there’s an agency or consultancy for everything. So if we can’t help you directly, we’re certain we can direct you to the right people. That’s just how nice we are.

Phase One

1. Discovery &
Brand elevation

Brand beauty is the key to your customers. Successful brands need a great soul that people can relate to, interact with, like, and stand up for. In the first phase of any new commitment, we discover and define your brand soul.

The immersion happens through a series of Discovery workshops. We listen, ask, research, think, sketch, talk to your consumers and observe their behaviors.

We openly admit that we try out a bunch of concepts before defining a strategy. As we begin visualizing concepts, we’ll see what floats and what doesn’t. Putting thought to paper is awesome. Putting all your money on a fixed strategy isn’t. This phase is about trying things; letting all creativity out before the phase bleeds into the next one. Very disco.

Phase Two

2. Digital strategy

It’s strategy time. Our strategy combines what makes sense for the project and for your customers: social, loyalty, content, product visualization, customer service or connectedness to mention a few components.

With brilliant concepts and insights from the previous phase, determining a cogent strategy will help drive the project vision. The strategy directs and differentiates your company with clever solutions that leave a lasting imprint on your customers.

Likewise, it fuels the creative team with visions to create connected and memorable shopping experiences with best-in-class design and tone of voice.

Phase Three

3. Experience design

How many times have you looked at insipid wireframes that are just too detached from the final product? Or perhaps seemingly fine upon review only to work out shockingly bad once design is applied.

Let’s face it: wireframing is obsolete (UX is not). Up to 50% of agency fees are spent on this phenomenon that tends to get signed off too hastily. So save your bucks and time.

We present the UX as your customers would see it: with beautiful design and interactions made to be simple, human, and intuitive—on the devices that will be used. We are behavior specialists in every aspect of the term. As such, we also minimize the amount of choices customers need to convert. So that they shop.

Phase Four

4. Implementation

First of all, we’re not doing tech-heavy implementations. IT companies exist for a good reason. We consider them as equal partners. We know that the implementation is a sweaty phase, especially for the client. While the implementation partners dig deeper and deeper into the project, issues may surface. Timelines might stretch; the cost might go up; while more resources get added to hit deadlines, the functional requirements list—ironically—gets another trim.

Normally, a design agency has done their job and checked out already. We won’t ever. We’ll try to be part of your steering group so that we can navigate difficult times together, and watch our baby go live as intended.

Phase Five

5. Go-live readiness + love and care.

Just before the project goes live, we help you create current content for the weeks to come. This helps secure that content slots get the right visual treatment and tone of voice—looking just as nice as it did during the design phase. We go live and throw a launch party. The world goes wow.

After project launch, we’ll make sure to stick around. Digital products are part of on-going processes that must be nurtured, altered and optimized over time. Through continual analysis, improvements and maintenance, we will better influence your customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and emotional attachment to your brand. They go wow again.

We promised you a myth

A big bucket of cash for a small amount of producers

"Project staff: Creative director, art director, UX Director, two senior designers, three interaction designers, strategist, writer, pm, production lead, tech lead and client service overhead.”

That’s what you might see in bids from the big agencies. Lots of fancy faces and respectful titles. Are they worth the money? Sure they are.

But that ain’t us. Will never be us. We’ll put just a few dedicated people on a project, almost regardless of scope. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing that we’re all hands-on.

We know that success is not about putting in long hours or plentiful resources; it’s about intuitively creating solutions—piecing together cool, game-changing fragments into an amazing whole—foreseeing and taking action against problems up ahead.

Working with us means you’ll be working with a passionate team of 100% producers. All bring reliable, confident track-records from strategy, design, innovation and ecom. So you’ll know that your money is directly translated into meaningful, reliable deliverables.

Indeed, the people at Detonate have worked at some of the best big shot agencies on the planet. But we’ve seen the creative backside: how big groups flock to compromises or best-practice solutions, how ideas and strategies are recycled from one client to another.

New technologies emerge all the time, and customers change behaviors, savviness and expectations. Recycling previous success or adapting a best-practice approach quickly become a solution for yesterday’s problems and won’t cut it for tomorrow’s challenges.

Honestly, although small we might even match big agency bids. But what would all the extra overhead from the network agencies give you except more complexity?

Perhaps the myth isn’t what you pay for, but what you ask for. A famous guy once said: “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

We deliver what you don’t know yet, and that’s why you hire us.

Less talk.
More show.

Inspired by cool brands that people love and startups waiting to be loved, Detonate shapes beautiful solutions across web, apps, touch screens and the internet of things. We are awesome designers, story builders, thinkers and creatives who excel at disrupting cross-channel shopping with brilliant solutions.

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